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Every session begins with visual structural and postural assessment which will guide the specific approaches for the manual and movement work that make up the session. The experience of the work is often deeply interior with quiet, focused awareness, but your movement is also called for at times.  Comfortable underwear, running shorts, or (for women) a tank top and shorts is the best attire for the sessions. A sports bra is not helpful, as it restricts breath and covers a large area of the back. Work is generally done on a massage table or seated bench.

All sessions are 90 minutes long; the fee is $150 per session, by cash, check, Venmo or credit card.

ATSI 12-Session Series

The series yields the most effective and lasting results from Structural Integration work.  The work is intentional and addresses your body’s functional patterns in the field of gravity.  Each session has a special and important focus; completion of all of the sessions allows all of the major lines of fascia to be opened and balanced. You also have the time within the series to integrate new options for movement and body use into more effective and efficient patterns. Although each session has a specific set of goals, strategies for reaching those goals are always customized to each your unique pattern of posture and movement. The series can be completed in between 3 and 12 months, but the most long-lasting results rely on the momentum of the process, so I don’t recommend intervals longer than a month between sessions.


“Help!” Structural Bodywork Sessions

Sessions can also be designed to address a specific regional pain or movement restriction issue that seems to be confined to one area or region of the body. Myofascial release technique and movement re-education can provide dramatic relief—but pain and restriction frequently are the body’s way of crying out for change in the overall patterns of strain against gravity. Welcome relief may therefore be temporary unless a more effective pattern can be developed.


ATSI Mini-series

This series of 3-6 sessions is designed to be either an introduction to myofascial integrative work, a general “tonic” for your posture and overall well-being, or as a “tune-up” at occasional intervals after completing a full series.



I do not bill health insurance companies, but am happy to provide a receipt that allows you to make a claim or submit for flexible spending account reimbursement.

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