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Tobey graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA and earned her Massage Therapy License (LMT) in January of 2019. From the very beginning, her goals were to have her own business and to become a structural integration therapist. As soon as she graduated from Bancroft, she started her practice, Be Massage Therapy, in Leominster.  In 2022 it moved it to Sterling. Recently acquired Central Mass Bodywork from her mentor Milree Keeling. She will complete her Structural Integration training in 2023 with Tom Myers and the faculty of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration.  It is one of the largest programs recognized by the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI). 

Structural Integration is a system of manual therapy that combines:

  • continual assessment of how each client’s body supports itself and moves in gravity,
  • soft tissue manipulation using specific, focused touch with client movement for release of tissues that restrict movement or comfort, and
  • essential re-education for integrated ease and comfort in basic and complex movement patterns.

Structural Integration is based on the pioneering vision and synthesis of manual approach to the body of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. The system of understanding human resilience in gravity as “weathered” by life underpins the plan for each person in each session. In general, a series of around 8 to 12 sessions of 90 minutes duration is individualized and carefully sequenced to relieve long-held pain and stress, and restore fluidity and ease to the body. The effects are durable over time. Structural Integration is a keystone of physical vitality and fundamental to optimal health.

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  1. Hi Tobey,
    I reached out to Milree, as she was recommended to me through Jan Patten. Milree explained that she is retired, and this is your new business.
    I have had hip tightness for a long time, seeing Jan Patten for this problem. It sounds like your take on this is to come to you frequently as a session.
    e.g. of my tightness of hip – I can no longer get my leg over the bar on my road bike.
    I saw Dr. Vinton in Worcester to access my hip in April 2023, he said it does not need a treatment from him at this time or in the near future. I have also gone to see Ann Frusco (chiropractor in Westminster). It has not helped. I have been doing some Essentrics stretching and starting to use the Melt Method for my stuck facia.
    I just reached out to my doctor asking her to sign a medical necessity form for me, as I can use my FSA fund for your services.
    In the meantime, can we set up some time for you to see me in your office for an assessment?

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