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Poise: it just feels right | Central Mass Bodywork
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Poise: it just feels right

I’m intrigued by poise.  I’ve spent the week reflecting on what it is , exactly–I know when I have it, and just how easy it is to forget it. There are several definitions; poise is such a big idea that it is both a verb and a noun. Synonyms for the state of poise: tranquility, self-assurance,equilibrium, stability. My favorite definition, though, is the verb-noun combo: suspense or wavering, as between rest and motion or two phases of motion: “the poise of the tides.” Suspense–I like that. Wavering—oh, I really understand that. It’s like the still point between breathing in and breathing out. And that point in each stride where one foot touches down and the other lifts off the earth. “Wavering between rest and motion” requires stability and mobility. Greater stability–to  a point– allows finer, smoother  movements that look and feel poised. Suspended between past and future, they are fully, wholly in the present moment. And that readily engaged and smoothly transferred stability, as well as the fluid grace of mobility, are the hallmark of healthy, supple fascia. Tell me what you think–how often do you feel poise? How well does your fascia work?
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